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cover "Gates of Silence" - Chamber music composed by Susan Botti
Performed by Susan Botti and The Blakemore Trio,
with poetry by Linda Gregerson.

"... ingeniously developed...The remarkably malleable quality of Botti's voice, working against and yet in conjunction with the Blakemore Trio, expresses far more than one would ever guess from just reading the words. She is undoubtedly an outstanding singer as well as a fascinating composer...Gates of Silence is one of the most remarkable suites I have heard by a composer of today: expressive, fascinating, and very well-written music of extraordinary quality, at times challenging, at others easy to absorb, but always fascinating and evolving in the mind of a remarkable woman. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. "
   -- Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare

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cover "listen, it's snowing" - vocal chamber music by Susan Botti

"Botti is a singer-composer... 'Telaio: Desdemona' is extraordinary... the results on disc are quite special and hugely entertaining."
   -- John Story, Fanfare

"Botti takes American classical song and adds a twist, spinning forth works that are accessible, yet truly new and interesting."
   -- Karissa Krenz, CI Classical Review

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Other Recordings featuring Susan Botti's performances and/or compositions:

cover Raw Earth
Hartt School Wind Ensemble
includes Terra Cruda by Susan Botti
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cover Brooklyn Bridge
University of Michigan Symphony Band
includes Cosmosis by Susan Botti
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cover Marco Polo
music by Tan Dun
libretto by Paul Griffiths
"Simply as an act of concentration, the singing was enormously impressive, especially from ...Susan Botti as Water, handling Zerbinetta-ish coloratura with ease and at one point imitating a flexatone with uncanny accuracy."
   -- Rodney Milnes, The London Times

cover Tan Dun:
The Banquet soundtrack

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cover 2000 Today
music by Tan Dun

cover Snow in June
music by Tan Dun

cover Wes York
music by Wes York

cover Guitar Concerto & Two Ballets
music by Paul Chihara

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