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pendulum path Impetuosity - orchestra (10')
premiered by the Cleveland Orchestra

Premiere: March 11, 2004, Severance Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

Impetuosity is an exploration of momentum.

The piece begins with a build-up of energy from a static state gradually increasing in tension until it is unleashed. The orchestra is the energy force careening in many directions, focusing strongly as a rhythmic unit, finding precarious balances, held at a stillpoint momentarily by the concertmaster until the free-flying pendulum again starts to swing.

"Impetus: the force or energy associated with a moving body" (Webster's).

Inspired by the freedom of great Jazz artists I admire such as Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba... and dedicated to the musicians of the Cleveland Orchestra.

"Botti's Impetuosity remains airborne for most of its invigorating 10 minutes. The composer...maintains a bold and fresh sense of motion in this score. Sounds fly by in a swirl, waltz gleefully about and head off on jazzy tangents. The only moment of repose is a solo for the concertmaster, who has a dandy workout before the orchestra resumes its mysterious and jaunty ride."
   -- Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Botti's Impetuosity - evocative of the natural world, it was a lovely study in sonorities and in self-propelling motion."
   -- Susan Isaacs Nisbett, The Ann Arbor News

   3 Fl (1 dbl picc, 1 dbl alto fl)
   3 Ob (1 dbl Eng. hn)
   2 Bb Cl, 1 Bs. Cl.
   2 Bsn, 1 Cbsn
   4 Hn in F, 3 Bb Tpt
   2 Tbn, 1 Bass Tbn, 1 Tuba
   3 Perc
   2 Harps

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