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murmuration photo photograph by Richard Barnes,

sull'ala - (Concerto for Saxophone and Wind Ensemble) (28')

Premiere: October 5, 2013,
Hartt Wind Ensemble
Carrie Koffman - saxophone soloist;
Glen Adsit - conductor

1. Propulsion
- murmuration 1 -
2. Torque
- murmuration 2 -
3. Aloft

sull'ala (on the wing) is inspired by flight. Some of the different physical properties of flight suggested to me different musical expressions of rhythm, harmony, texture... The relationship of soloist to ensemble reflects the individual flier's relationship to surrounding elements. The murmurations are small bridge movements for the soloist and sax sextet. A murmuration is a group of starlings, whose mesmerizing group acrobatics fill the sky in sweeping clouds.

   Solo Saxophone (Alto & Soprano)
   4 Fl, Ob, Eng Hn, 3 Clar in Bb, Bass Clar,
      Sop Sax, Alto Sax, 2 Tenor Sax, 2 Bari Sax, 2 Bsns
   4 Hn, 3 Tpt, 3 Tbn, 2 Euph, 2 Tuba
   4 Perc, Cbs

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